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Internship in Journalism/Photography Program in Nepal

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Internship in Journalism Program in Nepal:

Dates of Programs: Over the year
Program Duration: 2 Weeks to 12 Weeks
Living Arrangement: Apartment/Flat, Hotel/Guest House, Host Family
Publication types: Daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly
Position: Reporting, Editing, Photography.
You can go into the field as an assignment reporter, to cover the stories or photo stories around the country. You can spend time working the news desk. Or you can serve as an assistant editor.
Salary: None. No payment will be made for your article. The publication reserves the rights to use your photos/articles during the course of your program. You retain all rights to your photos following the completion of your program.
Working Day: Sunday-Friday
Working Hours: You will be working 5-7 hour days, depending on publication type and assignment. Hours may vary per assignment. (Intern can work as part time or full time as their interest.)
Equipment for the Photography: Intern must have own equipments in terms of photography.

Chhahari Group Nepal provides an exciting opportunity to the journalism students who are willing to explore the Nepal's great cultural heritage, natural beauty, wild life etc. We provide an opportunity to work with Nepal's leading national daily or weekly newspapers and magazines. Volunteering at the Nepali media is a tremendous opportunity to gain valuable journalism experience in a completely different & hugely interesting culture.

If you have a bit of experience and a keen interest in journalism, a placement on the Nepali newspaper can provide experience in all aspects of producing a publication – from researching & writing articles, to editing, lay-out, printing & distribution. For the more experienced, you’ll quickly be able to produce your own features, & perhaps take on the role of an editor. The paper is run by our experienced journalists so, whatever standard you are, you’ll have our full support.

Work as an intern in radio, television, newspapers, or magazines. Depending on the internship, your work could include writing, reporting, researching, conducting interviews, photography, video, broadcasting, graphic design, filming, mixing and editing music vedios, editing, and coming up with ideas for stories/features.


English Teaching/Working with an Orphanage Nepal

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Nepal is one of the under-developed countries in the world. A large number of the populations live below the poverty line and there is high unemployment level due political unrest, favorism and lack of opportunities. Nepal is rich in geography, art, culture and religions. Nepal covers 8 of the world's top 10 highest peaks and among which Mount Everest is the highest. Nepal is also known as Land of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha originally Gautam Buddha who enlightened the world was born in Lumbini Nepal.
Tourism industry is one of the hopes for the nation which really can change the face of the country. English language play significant role in order to improve the industry as well as chances of building better future.
Please donating your time as a volunteer English teacher in Nepal is a great way to spend your gap year, career break or an extended holiday. You can gain invaluable work experience without any previous experience and you do not require a TEFL. Your English speaking abilities, energy and enthusiasm are all that is required to make a difference in schools where there is a lack of conversational English language-teaching.

The impact you have on your students will be obvious as they start to develop their language abilities, but you will also be part of a much larger network of volunteers, which is making a positive and ongoing contribution to the wider community.
English Teaching/Working with an Orphanage Nepal
Program Length - From 2 Weeks to 5 months
Salary : None

Program Description:

Our English teaching placements are based in and around the capital city of Kathmandu as well as rural area. The main resources you will have in your classroom are a blackboard and a piece of chalk. Despite this, the enthusiasm of the children and the appreciation of your colleagues are sure to make voluntary Teaching in Nepal a highly rewarding experience.
Structure of education system in Nepal:
Primary School: Grade Nursery – Five
Lower Secondary: Grade Six– Eight
Secondary: Grade Nine - Ten
Higher Secondary: Grade Eleven - Twelve

Volunteers can choose between teaching in primary schools, with children aged between about 4 and 9, or in lower secondary schools, with children aged between about 10 and 15, or in secondary schools, with children aged 13 to 18.

On average, a class has around 10-40 pupils, and a volunteer will normally be in charge of full class. Most of our Teaching placements require you to work up to four hours per day from Sunday to Friday.
Any volunteers who have experience working with children with learning difficulties will also be welcomed as we have recently begun working with a new school that encourages children from care homes to study alongside students from middle-class families. All income raised by a school trust is to be used to develop the school's facilities and to give scholarships to gifted students from poor rural villages.

We do place the volunteers in a local host family, and those volunteering on a teaching project are likely to find themselves living very close to the school they teach at, possibly even with a local teacher. Living in such a close-knit community will allow you to learn a great deal about typical Nepali life and culture and will greatly enhance your experience of the country. You will gradually feel like an integrated part of the local community, although you are sure to stand out from the crowd and may find yourself treated as something of a local celebrity!
Experiencing Teaching English in Nepal

The children will often have Basic English language skills but there is always lots of room for improvement. Your most important resource is yourself; your knowledge and your interests, so be sure to draw on them whenever possible. To do so will greatly enhance both your students' and your own experience.
Local teachers are often very capable at providing their students with a good structural knowledge of English - the grammar and the vocabulary - but, having had very little conversational English practice themselves, they often lack the confidence to get the children speaking English. Once you are able to break down this barrier, however, you are likely to find that students and teachers alike will be able to make rapid progress, as the knowledge they have stored in their brains is suddenly given an outlet!!!

Although your main role will be to teach English you may find that you also want to help out by coaching the football team or setting up an art club at lunchtimes. Your skills and abilities in other areas will make you even more popular within the school, and you should be sure to let us know about them on application, so we can match you to the most suitable placement.

For more Details:

Chhahari Group Nepal
Jyatha, Thamel , Kathmandu, Nepal,
GPO Box: 8974 CPC 449, Phone : 00977-1-4233084 , 4233085
Fax : 00977-1-4212203 or

Medical Elective Nepal


Medical Tour: Minimum of 2 weeks and Maximum of 6 Weeks.
Medical Internship: Minimum of 2 weeks and Maximum of 20 Weeks.

Our Medical Tour/Internship Program places doctors, nurses, and medical school students in hospitals and clinics in Nepal. You work in either a urban or rural setting, providing primary care to locals in your specialty.

We have standing requests from local facilities for Internists, Urologists, Surgeons, Oncologists, Opthamologists, Nurses, Dentists, and EMT's. You will play a critical role in the villages and towns where you'll serve.

Medical school students' activities will include things like following doctors on their rounds, exploring different treatments for simple ailments, providing physical therapy, and participating in vaccination programs.

Depending on the timing of your visit, you will have the opportunity to visit large general hospitals, maternity clinics, children's hospitals, HIV/AIDS wards, and alternative-medicine clinics. Your visits will be given some context by local doctors and nurses who will discuss issues such as typical illnesses/treatments and the general state of health care in the country.

Medical Interns need to be either currently studying or practicing in the medical field, which includes doctors, nurses, EMT's, medical students, and nursing students.

Working Days:
5-6 Days a week (normally Sunday-Friday)


Medical Elective/Internship Program

Trip Description

Katni Children HospitalThe program allows students to intern at Kanti Children’s Hospital (the only children’s hospital in Nepal) as well as at the Kathmandu Medical Collage. Students gain exposure to a variety of practices within medicine, such as the physical therapy, intensive care, radiology, surgery, emergency room, and burn units, as well as experience in the treatment of malnutrition and leprosy.

Upon arrival, students will coordinate with our project staff to map out an intern rotation and daily work schedule at Kanti Children’s Hospital/Kathmandu Medical College. Students work from Sunday to Friday. Work at Kanti ends everyday at 1pm; students will have the opportunity to volunteer at the other hospital in the afternoon. CGN encourages participants to plan recreational activities, travel, and exploration of Nepal’s numerous sights and attractions when they are not volunteering in the hospitals or medical clinics.

Standing adjacent to the Tribhuval University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), Kanti Children's Hospital is an ideal location for aspiring pediatric doctors to gain clinical experience. Working 9am to 1pm from Sunday to Saturday, program participants may interact with children in the physical therapy, ICU, radiology, surgery, and burn units, depending on the hospital needs at that time:

Physical Therapy - Care for children with brain damage and other physically disabling diseases by playing motor coordination games and teaching them arm and leg exercises
Surgery - Observe the operating room and become familiar with the procedures and conditions of the hospital
Burn Unit - Interact with the children and parents on a personal level by leading recuperative physical exercises, playing games, and dressing the children.
Family Planning and Immunization - Shadow hospital staff as they teach women and children about medication and learn about the available contraception and immunizations in Nepal.
Emergency Room - Observe the main ER physician as he conducts his rounds

Internship/Volunteering Program Details:

Two Weeks Trips Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu, Orientation, Meet host family
Day 2: Kathmandu Valley Signseeing
Days 3-13: Work at Kanti / Kathmandu Medical College
Day 14: Depart Kathmandu

One Months Trips Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu, Orientation, Meet host family
Day 2: Kathmandu Valley Signseeing
Days 3-13: Work at Kanti Children Hospital
Days 14-29: Kathmandu Medical College
Day 30: Depart Kathmandu

Six Weeks Trips Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu, Orientation, Meet host family
Day 2: Kathmandu Valley Signseeing
Days 3-30: Work at Kanti Children Hospital
Days 31-42: Kathmandu Medical College
Day 43: Depart Kathmandu

For more Details:

Chhahari Group Nepal
Jyatha, Thamel , Kathmandu, Nepal,
GPO Box: 8974 CPC 449, Phone : 00977-1-4233084 , 4233085
Fax : 00977-1-4212203 or